A Word from our Sponsor

A series of messages based on the Bible. 15 to 50 minutes long.
Dr. Michael Morrison
Have you ever hoped that Jesus would rescue you from some sort of problem or hoped that he would give you a problem-free life?  Have you ever felt that instead, God abandoned you? If he really existed, then he sure didn’t seem to care about you? (17.12 minutes)

Previous Programs

Dan Rogers - A Word From Our Sponsor
Thomas plays a unique and critical role in helping us understand the reality of Jesus' resurrection and what it really means for us. (20.48 minutes)
Michael Morrison
In the modern world, there is often a big disconnect between Christ, Christianity and the church. (21.32 minutes)
Dan Rogers
The gospel of John helps answer the question of who is Jesus and who is the God revealed in Jesus? (12.30 minutes)
Jesus used a steward as an example in several of his parables, because all of us in some way or another manage things that belong to God. The word “stewardship” often refers to the way that we use money, and it is a reminder that the stuff we have is not really our own, and so we ought to be generous in giving some of it back to God for his use. (21.67 minutes)
Mike Feazell
Have you ever wondered why Jesus never preached Jesus? He went about doing good, the Bible tells us. He healed the sick and cast out demons and taught large crowds around the countryside and smaller groups in the synagogues. But he carefully avoided declaring that he was the Messiah. In fact, he went out of his way to keep his identity as Messiah a secret. (20.22 minutes)
Dan Rogers and Small Group
Dan Rogers leads a house church in discussion about the Resurrection of Jesus. Leading small church groups in discussion format can be a fresh and engaging ministry approach. (32.00 minutes)
Mike Morrison
We have a new life in Christ, but what does that look like in real life? What does it look like in our friendships and relationships with other people? (32.00 minutes)
Mike Feazell
The Genesis version paints a somewhat different picture—a not so sanitized picture of the patriarch and matriarch of the chosen people. (19.00 minutes)
Dan Rogers and a small group
The story in John 4 tells us a lot about Jesus. Dan Rogers leads a small group discussion. (53.00 minutes)
Mike Morrison
Love is God's most basic characteristic. The life that he wants to share with us is not just a biochemical existence – he wants us to have a life that is characterized by love – a life of joy and kindness and appreciation. (28.00 minutes)