Decree of the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15) Part 1: The Literary Flow of Acts 15

Acts 15 is the center of the book of Acts. In the story-flow of Acts, the Jerusalem council resolves crucial issues and enables the gentile mission to go forward with the approval of the Jerusalem church. The council helps portray the unity of the church and helps explain the church's transformation from being essentially Jewish toward...


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    Acts 15 describes the most important meeting the early church had. The future of the church was at stake—was it to be a Jewish group, or would it...
    The Four Requirements The decree told gentile Christians to abstain from four things.15 Minor variations occur in order and number (15:20, 29;...
    What's in a name? The traditional name for this book is “Acts of the Apostles,” but a more accurate name might be “A Few Acts of a Few of the...
    The message of salvation Paul carried to Europe 2,000 years ago can give us new hope for the future. About A.D. 50 a spiritual crusade began in...

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