GCI: Fact Sheet: Grace Communion International

Grace Communion International, a nonprofit corporation, is active in almost 100 countries and territories and maintains its international administrative offices (home office) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The church, with an international membership of about 50,000 gathered in about 900 congregations, has a mission of “living and sharing the gospel.”

Key Facts About the Church

  • We embrace Trinitarian theology, the divinity of Jesus Christ, salvation by grace through faith, and the accuracy and authority of Scripture. [Click here for a more detailed statement of beliefs.]
  • We are active in preaching the gospel around the globe. With administrative centers on every inhabited continent, the church has congregations in over 70 countries and is engaged in mission in over 90 countries.
  • We are members of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) in the United States and its equivalent in several other countries. We believe in the spiritual unity of all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To promote financial accountability, the church retains the accounting firm of Capin Crouse as its external auditor.
  • The church has its roots in Eugene, Oregon, in the early 1930s. It was formerly known as the Radio Church of God, then the Worldwide Church of God until 2009.
  • Since the death of founder Herbert Armstrong in 1986, under the leadership of Joseph Tkach, Sr., the church has undergone major doctrinal reform, bringing it into the mainstream of evangelical Christian theology. The new name reflects who we are and what we teach.
  • In 1995, Joseph Tkach, Jr. became president of the church. Dr. Tkach is a long-time minister and administrator. Joseph Tkach’s book, Transformed by Truth (published by Multnomah in 1997), tells the inspiring story of the miraculous reformation of the denomination. [This book is available on this website.]
  • In 2018, Joseph Tkach retired as president, passing the baton to Greg Williams as the new president.

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