GCI: Home Office Mission, Values and Objectives

Our International Home Office in Charlotte, North Carolina, operates in accordance with the following mission, values and objectives.

Home Office Mission

In alignment with our denominational vision of Healthy Church, we seek to empower our congregations to attain their God-given potential. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for theological, doctrinal, administrative, financial, and legal integrity. Our support and accountability extend across all of our churches in the U.S., and ecclesiastical oversight and support to administrative offices around the world.

Home Office Values

  • Genuine Christ-centered servant-leadership.
    Embrace leadership rooted in authenticity and humility, embodying the compassionate and servant-hearted nature of Christ.
  • Inclusive Gospel-shaped mission with a grace orientation.
      Joining with Jesus in his ministry of inviting all people into deep relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit. 
  • Intentional commitment to fairness and equality without favoritism.
      Purposefully uphold fairness and equality in consequential administrative decisions, demonstrating a commitment to impartiality and inclusivity.
  • Passionate dedication to sound Bible-centered preaching.
    A commitment to delivering meaningful, Bible-centered sermons following a 3-year lectionary cycle, engaging congregations with the richness of scriptural teachings.
  • Intentional financial responsibility and integrity
    Promote an intentional culture of financial stewardship, where responsible management and unwavering integrity are paramount in all fiscal matters.
  • Genuine World missions with support to our non-US based GCI leaders.
    Demonstrate authentic care by actively supporting our churches and leaders around the world, fostering a sense of unity across regions.
  • Inclusive Denominational unity with regular communication to members.
    Connectivity through a variety of platforms celebrating and sharing how the Spirit is moving in and through GCI.
  • Intentional staff committed to life-long learning and personal excellence in skills, education, and job performance.
    Encourage an intentional commitment among staff members to lifelong learning and personal excellence in skills, education, and job performance, reflecting a passion for continuous improvement.

Home Office Objectives

  • Congregation Support:
    Provide essential “back-office” support to enable GCI congregations to share the Gospel through both demonstration (acts of love) and proclamation (evangelism).
  • Denominational Identity:
    Establish and maintain a denominational identity for all GCI congregations.
  • Theological Integrity:
    Uphold the Statement of Beliefs and ensure theological and doctrinal integrity across the denomination.
  • High Support & Challenge:
    Develop and administer comprehensive leadership development and pastoral training programs through communities of practice within the denomination, designed to cultivate and enhance the skills, knowledge, and spiritual depth of leaders and pastors across GCI congregations.
  • Church Renewal and Health:
    Provide ongoing training for church renewal and health, with an emphasis on the ultimate goal of church planting.
  • Ecclesiastical Support:
    Process the ordination of U.S. and international elders. Provide ecclesiastical support and international coordination for non-U.S. regions.
  • Historical Stewardship:
    Maintain the official history of Grace Communion International while stewarding present resources with a future-oriented perspective.
  • Administrative and Legal Services:
    Provide skilled administrative and legal services for U.S. churches.
  • Financial Affairs Department:
    Manage a Financial Affairs Department that complies with federal and state regulations, provides accounting services for U.S. pastoral salaries, offers accounting services for GCI churches, and handles legal services for U.S. church business. With an expectation that our international sites will provide a similar standard in their region of oversight.
  • Denominational Events:
    Provide administrative support for denominationally sponsored celebrations, conferences, and gatherings.
  • Governance and Compliance:
    Establish, maintain, and administer GCI’s articles and bylaws in the U.S. to ensure a high level of accountability and integrity of denominational leadership. The denominational bylaws established for GCI-USA will be mirrored by the international sites with cultural nuances factored in.
  •  Online Presence and Communications:
    Maintain the GCI.org website and provide space for local church websites on the Internet. Handle communications with news and other public agencies.
  • Educational Partnerships:
    Maintain a close partnership with Ambassador College of Christian Ministry and Grace Communion Seminary to encourage further education for pastors, ministry leaders, and members.
  • Office Facility Management:
    Maintain an adequate, economical, functional, safe, clean, and attractive home office facility.
  • Denominational Collaboration:
    Maintain membership in appropriate Christian organizations and partner with other denominations to strengthen unity in the Body of Christ.


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