Evangelism: Not Putting Your Gift in Storage

“Being ordained gave me a sense of responsibility that I felt I could not put in storage. I had something to do for the Lord,” said Kenga Ndiso, nonsalaried pastor for the coastal region of Kenya. He was referring to how he felt after his ordination almost two years ago. He lived in an area that was too far for regular visits from our regional pastor in Nairobi, so we decided to ordain him to help serve, even though only five members lived in the area.

Kenga had a vision to evangelize in the areas where the few members lived, and also to target young people in those areas. “Where there was a presence, I tried to plant a church,” he noted. He now pastors three small congregations and two house churches with a combined attendance of 68.

It used to be that we had to wait for a congregation first and then a minister. In conferences, festivals and visits, Kenga and his wife, Mildred, impressed people with their deep conversion and with their zeal for Jesus Christ. It became clear that they had ministerial potential but no church.

We felt sure God would bless their ministry, and he did. Slowly but surely the church grew. God used us to plant a minister, then churches were planted, and God has continued to give the increase.

Kenga and Mildred have motivated their churches in various self-help projects, including market gardening and planting trees for timber. His aim of targeting youths has paid off. Almost half of the members in the churches in his region are in their late teens or early 20s. He plans to have three evangelistic campaigns in the church areas this year, and I know he would appreciate your prayers and enthusiasm.

The example of Kenga Ndiso is inspiring—mainly because it shows how God takes ordinary people and through them produces much fruit for his kingdom. Sometimes we overcomplicate things when it comes to God. Kenga’s experience supports the theory that God is the actual author of the K.I.S.S. principle—Keep It Simple _______ (there are so many variations for what comes after Simple that I’ll let you choose the one you like best).

Author: James Henderson

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