GCI: Workshop Resources From the 2010 Conference

There were numerous workshop presentations at the 2010 GCI International Conference in Orlando. Most of them were not recorded, either in audio or video. Many of the presenters have given us their powerpoint programs or handouts. Here’s what we have:

Christine Rogers Cork, Pastoral Counseling: What You Need to Know About Helping People in Distress. PowerPoint

Cathy Deddo, Implications of God’s Love for Our Human Relationships An informal video of most of this workshop is posted at http://blip.tv/file/3937397    A PDF of her presentation is on her website. 

Gary Deddo, The Mystery of Our Union With Christ: Spiritual Formation as True Sons and Daughters of God. An informal video of most of this workshop … we are working to restore this link.

Mark Gaither, High-Impact Bible Study. PowerPoint. Condensed notes. Workbook sample. Brochure.

Ted Johnston, Mentoring Young Emerging Leaders. PowerPoint.

Ted Johnston, Post-Modern, Post-Christian Culture: How Shall We Respond? PowerPoint.

Ted Johnston, Trinitarian Youth Ministry. PowerPoint.

Curtis May, What is Jesus’ dream? PowerPoint.

John McKenna, T.F. Torrance, Theology, Science, and Human Freedom. A Word document.

Robert Meade, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – What & Whys. PowerPoint

Robert Meade, Build a Basic Church Website Now! PowerPoint.

Robert Meade, Ways to Effectively Use New Technology in the Local Church. PowerPoint.

Deneen Morelli, Increased Giving in Difficult Financial Times. PowerPoint.

Ed Stetzer

Viral Churches. PowerPoint.

Viral Churches (WMV) – http://www.gcitv.net/PastorVid/Stetzer/StetzerSession1.wmv 

Viral Churches (DVD) – http://www.gcitv.net/PastorVid/Stetzer/StetzerWorkshop1.iso 

Comeback Churches (WMV) – http://www.gcitv.net/PastorVid/Stetzer/StetzerSession2.wmv 

Comeback Churches (ISO) – http://www.gcitv.net/PastorVid/Stetzer/StetzerWorkshop2.iso 


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