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Youth ministry 

- a series by Jeb Egbert and Ted Johnston
     Loving God: foundation for youth ministry
     Youth ministry and the great commission  
     How camps support healthy youth ministries
     Nurturing young believers
     Disciplemaking includes equipping workers
     Equipping our youths for peer evangelism
     How to make your congregation youth-friendly
     Youth ministry includes developing young leaders

CANS1: Nurturing young believers through community
CANS2: Nurturing young believers through adoration
CANS3: Nurturing young believers through nurture
CANS4: Nurtureing young believers through serving

Disciplemaking ministry: introduction
         Creating an atmosphere of love
         The adoration of Christ
         Prayerful dependence
         Communication of the Word
         Creating a biblical group image in your youth ministry
         Having a "commitment to contact" in your youth ministry
         Disciplemaking ministry foundations, conclusion

Other articles about youth ministry:

Modification, formation, reformation  Steve Argue and Dave Livermore
Evangelizing postmodern youth  Mark Tittley
Organizing non-Christian youths into the church Mark Titley
What is youth ministry? Jeb Egbert
Youth ministry: the importance of prayer  Jeb Egbert
Youth ministry must be spiritual  Jeb Egbert
Youth ministry values and mission  Ted Johnston
Back to the future of youth ministry Mark Cannister
Youth ministry: playing as a team  Kara Eckman Powell
Teen ministry: rethinking our paradigm David Smith

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