We welcome more people to join with us in living and sharing the gospel. Here are ways to be involved:

1. Visit one of our churches to share our journey with Jesus. To find a GCI church in the U.S., click here. For other nations, see the map. 

2. Make a donation to financially support what we are doing to share the gospel. For ways to donate, click here. Donations are tax deductible in the U.S. and some other nations.

3. Subscribe to our weekly email update - click here to sign up. We'll send a message once a week telling you what is new on this website.

4. Read our blog, GCI Weekly Update. It includes a letter from our president, Joseph Tkach, GCI news and prayer requests. It is updated each Wednesday.

5. Request a free booklet. (U.S. addresses only). We offer the following titles:

  • The Christian Sabbath
  • Getting a Grip on Repentance
  • The God Revealed in Jesus Christ: An Introduction to Trinitarian Faith
  • Predestination: Does God Let You Choose Your Own Fate?
  • Statement of Beliefs
  • The Gospel Really Is Good News
  • Take the Leap

6. Ask us a question. In most cases, questions are best handled by a pastor in your area, someone who knows your circumstances and can help you clarify the question. But you can also send us a question - see "contact us" for ways to do that. 

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