The Bible: Artwork of King David

Jesse's sonsDavid and Jonathan, by Ken TunellDavid dances near the Ark, by Tissot
Jesse presents his sons to Samuel — James TissotDavid and Jonathan
— Ken Tunell
David dancing in front of the ark – Tissot
David and Goliath, by Ken TunellDavid as shepherd, and before GoliathDavid with a lyre, dancing, on throneDavid dodges a spear, by Ken Tunell
David and Goliath
— Ken Tunell
Illustrations by WoodruffDavid flees Saul’s spear
— Ken Tunell
David and Goliath, by James TissotDavid and Saul
David kills Goliath – TissotDavid and Saul – Gustave Dore

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