GCI: Our Story

We are an international Christian fellowship with about ur 30,000 members in about 550 churches spread across 70 countries. We began as a denomination in Oregon in 1934. Today our international administrative office (“home office”) is located in Charlotte, NC. We are members of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) in the United States, and similar organizations in other countries. To learn more about us, click on the links below and at left.

How we have changed

As a denomination, GCI has experienced changes that have been called historically unprecedented. To read a summary about those changes, click here. Here are books and videos that describe our journey of change:

  • The book Transformed by Truth, written by Joseph Tkach, who was the GCI president 1995-2018. Used copies are available on online booksellers. The text of the book is also posted on our archive website.
  • The book Liberation of the Worldwide Church of God, written by J. Michael Feazell, who was GCI vice-president. This book is available from online booksellers.
  • The video Called to be Free, produced by Living Hope Video Ministries. Click here to order a copy (DVD or VHS) and here to watch it on YouTube. Living Hope Video Ministries is not affiliated with GCI.

In 2009, we changed our name in the U.S. from Worldwide Church of God (WCG) to Grace Communion International (GCI). Our new name better reflects who we are and what we now teach.

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