GCI: Printable Pamphlets

The following articles are formatted in Word to fit on one sheet of paper — printed both sides and folded in thirds. Most of these pamphlets have space where you can add local meeting times, location, pastor’s phone number, etc.

Click on document name to read in HTML on screen Word format PDF format
Why Would Anybody Want to Be a Christian? download download
How to Become a Christian download download
The Meaning of Baptism download download
Growing in Christ: Spiritual Disciplines for New Christians download download
Five Simple Rules for Bible Study download download
Life in Christ: Living Like a Christian download download
Prayer — A Cry for Help download download
Our Goal, Mission and Ministries download download
A Brief History of Grace Communion International download download
Three Historic Christian Creeds download download

The Word articles may change column breaks, so preview the document before you print it, and make whatever edits are needed.

Be careful when making two-sided copies — make a sample and fold it to see if it is aligning correctly. A light-colored paper will look better on display than plain white. Darker colors of paper will be hard to read.

Although we’ve tried to be careful in our choice of words, pastors may edit these pamphlets — after all, they are the ones who have to answer any questions about them!

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