Three Historic Christian Creeds

A creed is a brief statement of faith used to list important truths, to clarify doctrinal points and to distinguish truth from error. The word creed comes from the Latin word credo, meaning, \"I believe.\" The Bible contains a number of creed-like passages. The Jews still recite a creed known as...


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    The 27 books of the New Testament are the Scriptures of the church. They are understood to be written by the apostles or their close associates, such...
    After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples and instructed them for 40 days, after which he ascended to heaven. While with them, he said:...
    In A.D. 381 the Council of Constantinople rejected the teaching of an elderly bishop from Syria, named Apollinaris. Apollinaris had theorized that...
    On October 22, 1844, as many as 100,000 Christians gathered on hillsides, in meeting places and in meadows. They were breathlessly and joyously...

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