Building Young Believers Through Nurture

Those who minister to youths (parents, pastors, youth ministry workers and youth ministry leaders) have the rewarding challenge of assisting young disciples of Jesus as they grow in their relationship with God. We refer to this essential aspect of youth ministry as nurturing believers. In this series, we have been exploring the use of...


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    It’s a tough world. The devil, our fallen nature, a self-centered and materialistic culture, all are having a powerful effect on a vast segment of...
    Our goal in youth ministry is to help children, teens and college-age young adults become active followers of Jesus. A follower of Jesus is one who is...
    We are in a “whole new ball game” as we face the complex issues affecting today’s teens in our media-driven youth culture. Christian churches...
    In youth ministry, we need to ask three key questions: Why youth ministry? (What are our core values?) What should youth ministry be? (What is...

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