The Torah: Bible Facts From the Torah

This section asks you to recall some basic facts from the Pentateuch. After selecting one of the four choices, you may turn to the accompanying scripture to verify your answer.


1) On which day were Adam and Eve created? Genesis 1:27-31

a. 4  b. 5  c. 6  d. 7

2) Who said, “You will not surely die”? Genesis 3:4

a. God  b. Adam  c. The Serpent  d. Eve

3) God said Adam would return to _____. Genesis 3:19

a. Eve   b. Eden  c. Dust  d. God

4) Whose offering did God accept? Genesis 4:4

a. Cain’s   b. Adam’s   c. Abel’s   d. Eve’s

5) Who was called “a mighty hunter before the Lord”? Genesis 10:9

a. Babel   b. Nimrod c. Esau   d. Elijah

6) Who was Abram’s father? Genesis 11:27

a. Terah  b. Isaac  c. Lot  d. Shem

7) Where did Abram go to escape a famine? Genesis 12:10

a. Canaan  b. Egypt   c. Syria  d. Philistia

8) After Lot and Abram separated, where did Lot go? Genesis 13:12

a. Egypt   b. The mountains of Edom   c. Tyre   d. Toward Sodom

9) Who was the “king of Salem” and the “priest of God Most High”? Genesis 14:18

a. Aaron   b. Levi    c. Abram   d. Melchizedek

10) Ishmael was the son of Hagar and whom? Genesis 16:15

a. Isaac   b. Esau   c. Jacob   d. Abram

11) Whose name meant “father of many nations”? Genesis 17:5

a. Adam’s   b. Abraham’s   c. Jehovah’s   d. Isaac’s

12) What land did God give to Abraham? Genesis 17:8

a. Egypt   b. Syria   c. Canaan   d. Jerusalem

13) Who did Abraham want as his heir before God blessed him with Isaac? Genesis 17:18

a. Eliezer   b. Ishmael   b. Syria   d. Sarah

14) When Sarah heard the Lord tell Abraham that she would have a son, what did Sarah do? Genesis 18:10-12

a. Hid   b. Ran into the desert   c. Worshiped God   d. Laughed

15) Who ignored Lot’s warning to flee from Sodom? Genesis 19:14

a. His daughters   b. His sons-in-law   c. His wife   d. The angels

16) Who showed Hagar the well of water in the wilderness? Genesis 21:19

a. An angel   b. God   c. Abraham   d. Sarah

17) Who said, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son”? Genesis 22:8

a. God   b. Isaac   c. Abraham   d. Esau

18) Who was Abraham’s second wife? Genesis 25:1

a. Hagar   b. Keturah   c. Leah   d. Deborah

19) Jacob sold a meal to Esau for _____. Genesis 25:30-34

a. 20 pieces of silver   b. Esau’s birthright   c. 12 sheep   d. Esau’s bow

20) Who helped Jacob deceive Isaac for a blessing? Genesis 27:6-17

a. Rebekah   b. Esau   c. Rachel    d. No one

21) What did Jacob call the place where God spoke to him? Genesis 28:19

a. Jericho   b. Shiloh   c. Jerusalem   d. Bethel

22) Who did Jacob love best? Genesis 29:30

a. Rachel   b. Esau   c. Leah   d. Laban

23) Who stole Laban’s household gods? Genesis 31:19

a. Jacob   b. Rachel   c. Leah   d. Reuben

24) Where did Jacob wrestle with God? Genesis 32:24-30

a. Peniel   b. Jerusalem   c. Bethel   d. Jericho

25) Esau was the father of the _________. Genesis 36:9

a. Hittites   b. Edomites   c. Canaanites    d. Ammonites

26) Who dreamed of the sun, moon and 11 stars bowing before him? Genesis 37:5, 9

a. Esau   b. Jacob   c. Reuben    d. Joseph

27) Who persuaded the brothers to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites? Genesis 37:26-27

a. Reuben   b. Judah   c. Levi   d. Jacob

28) From which of Jacob’s sons did Jesus descend? Genesis 49:10

a. Joseph   b. Judah   c. Reuben   d. Levi


1) Who revealed himself as “I AM”? Exodus 3:14

a. God   b. Pharaoh   c. Moses   d. Aaron

2) God told Moses that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob didn’t know him by which of his names? Exodus 6:3

a. Lord   b. Elohim   c. Jehovah   d. Adonai

3) God said, “When I see the ______, I will pass over you.” Exodus 12:13

a. Star   b. Blood   c. Pyramid   d. Angel

4) The Israelites were not to sow anything in their fields in what year? Exodus 23:10-11

a. Second   b. Seventh   c. Third   d. Ninth

5) Whom did God choose to make the tabernacle? Exodus 31:2-6

a. Moses and Aaron   b. Bezalel and Oholiab   c. Joshua and Caleb   d. Aaron and Hur

6) When Moses said, “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me,” who responded? Exodus 32:26

a. Levites   b. Moabites   c. Canaanites   d. Ephraimites


1) Which festival did Israel observe on the 14th day of the first month? Leviticus 23:5

a. Passover   b. Firstfruits   c. Pentecost   d. Tabernacles

2) The 15th day of the first month was the beginning of the Feast of _______. Leviticus 23:6

a. Passover   b. Pentecost   c. Unleavened Bread   d. Trumpets

3) Pentecost came ___ days after the Sabbath that preceded the offering of the wave sheaf during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Leviticus 23:15-16

a. 30   b. 40   c. 50   d. 60

booth4) On the first day of the seventh month, Israel celebrated the Feast of _______. Leviticus 23:24

a. Pentecost   b. Trumpets
c. Tabernacles  d. Passover

5) On the 10th day of the seventh month, Israel celebrated the Day of _______. Leviticus 23:27

a. Atonement    b. Purim
c. Dedication    d. Hanukkah

6) What seven-day feast did Israel begin on the 15th day of the seventh month? Leviticus 23:34

a. Dedication   b. Trumpets   c. Tabernacles   d. Purim

7) The 50th year was called the Year of _______. Leviticus 25:11-13

a. Firstfruits   b. Rejoicing   c. Jubilee   d. Atonement


1) Which tribe was dedicated to God instead of all the firstborn of Israel? Numbers 8:15-18

a. Judah   b. Dan   c. Levi    d. Reuben

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2) God poured out his Spirit on how many elders of Israel? Numbers 11:16-17

a. 12    b. 40    c. 56    d. 70

3) What happened to thousands of those who accused Moses and Aaron of killing God’s people? Numbers 16:41-49

a. Lightning struck them   b. Poisonous snakes bit them   c. Fire from God killed them   d. A plague killed them

4) Which country did not let Israel pass through its land? Numbers 20:14-18

a. Edom   b. Syria   c. Egypt   d. Assyria

5) What did the daughters of Zelophehad want? Numbers 27:7

a. Husbands   b. An inheritance   c. Vengeance   d. Forgiveness

6) A person who killed someone accidentally could flee to a city of ______. Numbers 35:11

a. Safety   b. Justice   c. Vengeance   d. Refuge


1) In which year of Israel’s wandering is Deuteronomy set? Deuteronomy 1:3

a. 35   b. 12   c. 40   d. 10

2) Who is the future prophet that Moses described? Deuteronomy 18:15-18

a. Elijah   b. Isaiah   c. John the Baptist   d. Jesus Christ

3) If a person was to be punished by beating, the person could not be beaten with more than _____ lashes. Deuteronomy 25:3

a. 10    b. 20   c. 30   d. 40

4) What people did God command Israel to wipe out? Deuteronomy 25:17-19

a. Canaanites   b. Amalekites   c. Ammonites   d. Hittites

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