Historical Books: Bible Concepts From the Historical Books

The questions on Bible concepts, facts and trivia review the material covered in this lesson. To get the most out of your study, you may wish to write out the answers. However, we ask that you do not send your answers to us for grading. They are for your personal use only.

This section reviews the major concepts and the general story flow of the books of Joshua through 2 Samuel.


1) What does the name Joshua mean?

2) What does the book of Joshua teach us about God?

3) How does the book apply to your life today?

4) How did the Israelites respond to God’s appointment of Joshua as Moses’ successor? What vital lesson does this illustrate for Christians today?

5) How is Jesus Christ revealed in the book of Joshua?

6) Why was Joshua such an effective leader of God’s people?

7) What was the basis of Joshua’s confidence and strength as Israel’s leader? Joshua 1

8) Why did God praise the faith of Rahab? Joshua 2

9) When the Israelites crossed the Jordan, they began a new phase in their covenant relationship with God. Briefly explain. Joshua 4

10) What experiences of Israel foreshadow Christian baptism? Joshua 4

11) What was the significance of the circumcision of the new generation of Israelite males at Gilgal? Joshua 5

12) What major lesson from Israel’s battle at Jericho can Christians apply to their battle against Satan? Joshua 6

13) What was God’s curse on Jericho? When and how was it fulfilled? Joshua 6

14) What was Achan’s sin? What important spiritual principle does this episode illustrate? Joshua 7

15) How did God cause the sun to stand still during Israel’s battle with the Amorites? Joshua 10

16) Why were the Levites prohibited from owning rural land? Joshua 21

17) How did Reuben, Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh cause a national controversy? Joshua 22

18) What scriptures would you use to demonstrate the positive impact of Joshua’s leadership on Israel? What was Joshua’s legacy? What should yours be? Joshua 24


1) What was the main task of Israel’s judges?

2) What does Judges teach us about God?

3) How does the book apply to your life today?

4) How did God respond when the Israelites broke their covenant with him? How did this event mark a fundamental change in Israel’s relationship with God? Judges 2

5) How does the cycle of sin described in Judges serve as a warning for Christians today? Judges 2-3

6) The major cause of decline in this period of Israel’s history was idolatry. How do Christians face a similar danger in our modern society? Judges 3

8) How does the literary structure of Judges help us to better appreciate the spiritual lessons of the book?

9) How did the nation of Israel fare under Othniel and Ehud? Judges 3

10) Why did God select Deborah to lead Israel? Judges 4

11) Who were the Midianites? How did God use them to punish Israel? Judges 6

12) What steps did God take to increase Gideon’s faith? How can God do the same for us? Judges 6

13) What aspects of Gideon’s godly character are demonstrated in Judges 8? Judges 8

14) Why was Abimelech the opposite of what God wanted in a leader? Judges 9

15) What was the nature of Jephthah’s vow? What lessons does this incident contain for Christians today? Judges 11

16) Review the major events in the life of Samson. Evaluate his overall contribution as a judge over Israel. What were his strengths and his weaknesses? Judges 16

17) How is the mind-set described in the last chapters of Judges, when “everyone did what was right in his own eyes,” similar to the moral relativism of today’s society?


1) What does the name Ruth mean?

2) What does the book of Ruth teach us about God?

3) How does the book apply to your life today?

4) Why did Elimelech move his family to Moab? Ruth, chapter 1

5) Explain the purpose behind the ancient custom of levirate marriage. Ruth 1

6) In the context of the culture of her day, why was Ruth’s pledge of devotion to Naomi so impressive? Ruth 1

7) Why is Naomi’s example relevant and inspiring for Christians today? Ruth 1

8) Why is it ironic that God used Ruth as an example of genuine spiritual character? Ruth 1

9) What was the responsibility of the “kinsman-redeemer”? In this context, how is Boaz a type of Christ? Ruth 3

10) What can we learn from the character of Boaz? Ruth 4

1 & 2 SAMUEL

1) What does the name Samuel mean?

2) What do 1 and 2 Samuel teach us about God?

Articles in “Exploring the Word of God: Historical Books”

3) How do the books of Samuel apply to your life today?

4) Describe the miraculous events surrounding the birth of Samuel. 1 Samuel 1

5) Why did God end Eli’s priestly line? 1 Samuel 2

6) What misconception did the Israelites have concerning the ark of the covenant? How did God correct this? 1 Samuel 4

7) How did God use the capture of the ark of the covenant to demonstrate his supremacy in the land of the Philistines? 1 Samuel 5

8) Why was Samuel’s leadership a high point during the period of the judges? 1 Samuel 7

9) Why did Israel demand a king? What was God’s response? 1 Samuel 8

10) How did Saul respond initially to his anointing as king? 1 Samuel 9

11) Why did God ultimately reject Saul? 1 Samuel 13

12) Saul and Achan were guilty of taking the cherem. Briefly explain. 1 Samuel 15

13) Evaluate David’s performance as king over Israel. What were his strengths and weaknesses? What can we learn from his experiences? 2 Samuel

14) In spite of David’s mistakes, why did God describe him as “a man after my own heart”? How can you be sure that God will say the same thing about you?

15) Explain the spiritual significance of David’s words, “Who can lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed and be guiltless?” See article 18) Using 2 Samuel 11 as your text, show why the story of David is considered one of the artistic high points of biblical story-telling.

19) If you are losing your zeal for God and his way, how can the story of David and Bathsheba help you to get back on track?

20) Why did Bathsheba receive such great honor in the court of her son, King Solomon?

21) What was the major theme of David’s last words to Solomon?

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